The owners, Executive and Senior Management at Zoo Sport wish to thank the team at Transworld Group for their substantial support and assistance in enabling Zoo Sport to position itself at the leading edge in the production and distribution of high quality on and off field sporting apparel.

Six months ago, Transworld Group came to the aid of Zoo Sport resulting in it providing substantial financial, professional and business support to Zoo Sport, whilst also cementing a vital supply channel and aiding in securing a number of key assets and sponsorships.

Zoo Sport & Transworld

Engaging with Transworld’s team has been invaluable, allowing Zoo Sport to enjoy Transworld’s global reach, professional acumen and unique expertise, resulting in a  positive impact for Zoo Sport, its customers and partners which will be realised over the coming months.

Having completed transfer of the business back to Zoo Sport’s previous owners, the Zoo Sport management team look forward to working with your organisation and providing you with the garment quality and service levels which you have come to expect.